Fermi paradox, really? Some imagination please!
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I am not a Mormon and I am not a transhumanist, but I am a Mormon transhumanist.
Two more speakers on the cultural, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of spaceflight and space expansion.
SpaceX, Moon, Mars, and now Twitter.
(podcast) Spaceflight, metaphysics, religion, and our cosmic destinyListen now | Yet another conversation with Cometan.
(podcast) Turing Church and Astronism, part 2Listen now (93 min) | The final destination of the soul and humankind among the stars according to Cometan.
(podcast) Turing Church and Astronism, part 1Listen now (70 min) | A conversation on eschatology and the cosmic future of humanity and human souls.
Also, we in the West need multi-partisan support for spaceflight and space expansion.
This particular personality cult is A Good Thing. Also, a conversation on universal resurrection with Cometan.
Omega Point and Overview Effect. Also, new book by by Michel Eltchaninoff on Russian (and Western) cosmism.
(podcast) Turing Church conversation (NEOHUMAN #77, 2020)Listen now (64 min) | Life, the universe & everything, and my book, with Agah Bahari.