Also: Frank Tipler's Omega Point cosmology, superdeterminism.
Also: R.I.P. Edward Wilson, John Polkinghorne.
My New Year message of optimism and hope (from the Moon!)
And merry Christmas & happy 2022!
(podcast) Futurist spaceflight conversation Listen now (71 min) | Political, cultural, philosophical, and spiritual aspects of spaceflight and human expansion in the solar system and beyond, with…
What is consciousness, and how to preserve it beyond physical death?
Space expansionism is a cornerstone of Turing Church.
Other speakers: Susan Schneider, Randal Koene, Max More, Ken Hayworth, Robert McIntyre. You are invited!
Susan Schneider, Randal Koene, Max More, Ken Hayworth, Gabriel Rothblatt, and Robert McIntyre will explore consciousness and how to preserve it.
Is the universe pulled toward Life?
(podcast) The simulation hypothesisListen now (21 min) | Thoughts on various formulations and interpretations of the simulation hypothesis.
Unpredictable, unpredetermined dynamic change in Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality.