Other speakers: Susan Schneider, Randal Koene, Max More, Ken Hayworth, Robert McIntyre. You are invited!
Susan Schneider, Randal Koene, Max More, Ken Hayworth, Gabriel Rothblatt, and Robert McIntyre will explore consciousness and how to preserve it.
Is the universe pulled toward Life?
(podcast) The simulation hypothesisListen now (21 min) | Thoughts on various formulations and interpretations of the simulation hypothesis.
Unpredictable, unpredetermined dynamic change in Pirsig's Metaphysics of Quality.
The universe leverages causal openings in micro physical laws to move toward complexity, life, consciousness... Quality?
Turing Church news, meta-thoughts on politics & all that, reading list.
This simple cosmoforming picture is equivalent to the simulation hypothesis.
Turing Church news, thoughts on the Nobel Prizes, reading list.
Spiritual naturalism and religion.
Turing Church news, thoughts, reading list.
One picture to grok them all.