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The future of AI: exploring consciousness & agency

The future of AI: exploring consciousness & agency

My Beneficial AGI Summit 2024 pre-event online talk.

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Ben Goertzel & friends have organized a Beneficial AGI Summit & Unconference (BGI24) in Panama City, Feb. 27 - Mar. 1 2024, + online. See Ben’s post.

I’m honored to be the second speaker in the pre-event series, after Ben. Listen to my conversation with Esther Galfalvi on the future of AI. The video is published in the SingularityNET YouTube channel.

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Topics: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), whether machines can think and have subjective experiences, consciousness & self & superconsciousness, the future, space expansion, our duty to our mind children, cosmic evolution, and our duty to the universe. Also, why do people fear AI? But the real question is, who wants us to fear AI and why?

Quick answer: the bad guys want to fear AI (and many other things) so we are unhappy and desperate and they can grab our votes and our money. Say NO.

AI is part of my cosmist worldview. See my essay “Bats and bits” published in Terasem’s Journal of Personal Cyberconsciousness (Vol. 11, Issue 1 - 2023), to be further edited and published as a chapter of my next book.


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