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Space Renaissance talk: space expansion

Space Renaissance talk: space expansion

Cultural considerations, long term perspectives, and spiritual implications.

On Feb. 19 I gave an online talk for Space Renaissance. I’m republishing the audio of the talk, with permission.

The video is on Space Renaissance YouTube channel.

I wish to thank Adriano Autino and Sabine Heinz for a very interesting conversation, and I wish to invite all listeners to join Space Renaissance.

I elaborated on the cultural issues discussed in my book “Futurist spaceflight meditations” (2021). Then I discussed the long term future of space expansion and elaborated on its spiritual implications.

This was a blunt and provocative talk, with the gloves off. I guess I should apologize to the authors whose books I called BS, but the thing is, those books are well researched and written but the decel program they defend is really BS, and we must say so. Occupy Mars!

Image by Space Renaissance. This avatar is watching a SLS launch in a SpaceX shirt. This is the right bipartisan attitude! Just get things done and get people up there!

Here’s the slide presentation I used.

Sabine Heinz, Giulio Prisco, Adriano Autino.

Now Substack podcasts have transcripts. I’m impressed by the advances in audio transcription that we have seen in the last couple of years. Today’s transcription systems can even understand my very thick foreign accent when I’m speaking in English! I guess the ongoing explosion of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology must be involved. I think transcripts are important. Often I don’t have the patience to listen to a long episode, but I like the option of reading quickly through a transcript to know what was said.


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