Feb 20, 2022 • 1HR 4M

(podcast) Turing Church conversation (NEOHUMAN #77, 2020)

Life, the universe & everything, and my book, with Agah Bahari.

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Giulio Prisco
Science and religion, spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind and matter. Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology. Spaceflight and Spaceship Earth.
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In June 2020 I was interviewed by Agah Bahari for the NEOHUMAN show.

We discussed a lot of things in one hour, including religion, transhumanism, spaceflight, physics, mathematics, artificial intelligence, neuroscience, and of course Turing Church and my book “Tales of the Turing Church.”

Follow Agah on Twitter, where he goes by @Agologist, and watch the NEOHUMAN videos on YouTube. Here’s the video of this interview.

Agah gave me permission to redistribute the audio of this interview in the Turing Church podcast. So here we go.


Watch the video of this interview on YouTube.

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