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(podcast) Introducing Stellar Magnet

(podcast) Introducing Stellar Magnet

She’ll co-host podcast episodes on spaceflight & creative spirituality, life the universe & everything.

Here’s my good friend Stellar Magnet, a space traveler on a quest to change this planet and the black sky around it. She has joined me as a co-host of the Turing Church podcast.

Stellar Magnet and Giulio Prisco.

We recorded this episode from Discord using Craig, a voice channel recording bot for Discord. For redundancy, we also used Giarc, a backup clone of Craig running on a separate server in a different part of the world.

We were joined by my good friend Gabriel Rothblatt.

Stellar Magnet introduced herself and a very interesting book that she is writing with a delicious Philip K. Dick -esque flavor (by the way, if you like PKD and highly imaginative science you should listen to this interview with Riz Virk).

We also discussed creative spirituality (creative sounds better than weird), spaceflight and human space expansion, the metaverse, crypto, why some worthy projects fail to take off, Terasem, whether Turing Church is a church, how to make the world a better place, why we must expand into the black sky, life the universe & everything.

Giulio Prisco, Gabriel Rothblatt, Stellar Magnet, and two recording bots.

I look forward to producing many episodes of the Turing Church podcast with Stellar.


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