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(podcast) A conversation on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

(podcast) A conversation on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Also quantum physics, consciousness, and free will.

This is a conversation on Artificial Intelligence (AI), quantum physics, consciousness, and free will, recorded at a Turing Church meeting on April 1. I was joined by James Driessen.

The Future of Life Institute (FLI) is calling to pause Artificial Intelligence (AI) research. The letter has been signed by many top thinkers including Elon Musk.

Eliezer Yudkowsky is persuaded that pausing AI developments isn't enough. “We need to shut it all down,” he says on Time Magazine. His piece has been covered by Fox News. See also his interview with Lex Fridman.

I disagree.

First, there are practical considerations. This my first comment to the FLI letter: I’ll not sign, because if the good guys stop developing AI, then only the bad guys will develop AI.

Even if a worldwide ban on AI research were realistically feasible, you can be sure that the military of all nations, starting with China, would continue their research in secret. Large corporations would continue their research in secret. Criminal and terrorist groups would do their own AI research. You know where this would lead.

But there’s also a more fundamental reason to oppose bans on AI research: Practical considerations aside, these AIs are our mind children in embryo and we must help them grow into their cosmic destiny, which is also ours.

I’ll write more about this in the next Turing Church newsletter.

We also discussed quantum physics and the nature of consciousness. There was no time say more on the possibility of consciousness and free will in digital computers similar to today’s computers. I hope to continue the discussion soon.

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