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My cosmist religion, with gods and dogs

Dedicated to my doggies Sacha and Ricky. Includes 2016 interview on "Transhumanism as a Religion" with Bob Wright.

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Giulio Prisco
Science and religion, spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind and matter. Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology. Spaceflight and Spaceship Earth.
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I’m recovering from the loss of my sweet little doggy Ricky, and I’m not in the mood to write or speak much. But in December 2016, after losing my other sweet little doggy Sacha, I was interviewed by Bob Wright, the author of many books including “The Evolution of God” (2009) and “Why Buddhism is True” (2017). Ricky was in my lap during the interview.

We discussed my hope to be with Sacha again by means of natural processes, or future science (that is, the possibility of technological resurrection), or a combination of the two, or even stranger things. I elaborated on this in my book “Tales of the Turing Church” (2020), but what I said in this interview is close to what I wrote in the book, and close to what I think now.

Bob graciously give me permission to share the audio of the interview, which was titled “Transhumanism as a Religion” (2016). So here you go, the interview starts in a few seconds.

Sacha and Ricky, by Giulio Prisco (2016).

I dedicate this episode of the Turing Church podcast to the memory of my sweet little doggies Sacha and Ricky, and to my hope to be with them again. Hope is the most important thing in the world.

OK, here’s the 2016 interview with Bob. The video is in Bob’s website.


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