Aug 14 • 55M

UFOs/UAPs, Philip K. Dick, and rhinos

Also, weird aspects of reality and the need for new religions.

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Giulio Prisco
Stellar Magnet
Science and religion, spirituality and technology, engineering and science fiction, mind and matter. Hacking religion, enlightening science, awakening technology. Spaceflight and Spaceship Earth.
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This episode of the Turing Church podcast is a conversation between Giulio Prisco and Stellar Magnet.

We start with UFOs/UAPs. See “ET, please come and teach us irrational mechanics. And may UAPs save our culture from terminal boredom and senility.”

Perhaps UFOs/UAPs are operated by aliens, time travelers, visitors from other planes of reality? Or something like that?

Then we discuss all sorts of weird things from otherwordly physics to the need for new religions.

Giulio thinks Stellar, born on the same day a few years after the death of Philip K. Dick, might well be the reincarnation of PKD.

In the picture below we are represented by two rhinos, our totem animals. To Giulio, rhinos are ancient, mysterious, spiritual, powerful, beautiful. He’s been in love with rhinos since he can remember. Now the universe is encouraging Stellar to become another rhino lover.

Picture by Giulio Prisco.

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