"We realize that, of course, he can only be a flawed person like everyone else, but what Elon is doing is more important than other things."

Which other things? And more important for whom?

You realize Wernher von Braun also did important things for the space industry, and yet we do not unapologetically and unrepentantly praise him _without_ also clearly condemning his use of forced labor from concentration camps and ties to the Nazis.

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Oct 13, 2023·edited Oct 13, 2023Author

"Which other things?" - All the other things they say about him.

"And more important for whom?" - More important for those who, like me, are persuaded that space expansion is our existential and cosmic imperative. And from this perspective, more important for the future of humanity and life/consciousness in the universe.

I praise Wernher von Braun as a space pioneer but, as you say, without forgetting "his use of forced labor from concentration camps and ties to the Nazis." I think von Braun was a great man who made us look up to the stars and inspired whole generations, but of course he was born in a specific place and time like all of us.

But Elon Musk does none of that as far as I'm aware of. He pays his workers (more than the industry average I believe). He is not tied to unsavory political movements. The technologies he develops are not used to kill people but to save or improve lives, directly or indirectly. So I don't understand WTF you are talking about.

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