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I look forward to listening to your talk!

Re "Far future possibilities might even include the exploration of the cosmos with faster-than-light teleportation."

Teleportation is defined as transporting things from here to there in space (or spacetime) without moving them through the space (or spacetime) in between.

First, there’s a “pedestrian” form of teleportation through space based on mind uploading: scan a mind, convert it to a digital format, beam the information to another star, download the information to an electronic brain in a robot or to a biological brain in a new body (perhaps a clone of the original, since the genome can be beamed alongside the digital mind). This is described by Richard Morgan in the novels Altered Carbon and sequels. This is a relatively conservative form of teleportation.

Of course this teleportation method is not faster than light. Enter wormholes, which can transport matter through spacetime without moving it through the spacetime in between. Teleportation via wormholes can transport matter besides information and is not limited by the speed of light.

Wormholes are somewhat equivalent to quantum entangled connections. The idea is that ER=EPR: two entangled particles can be thought of as connected by a wormhole. If ER=EPR, then it begins to sound plausible that entanglement could be used to transmit information faster than light (which is forbidden in quantum mechanics as we know it).

So yes, teleportation IS scientifically plausible. The first method could be practical in a couple of centuries, for the second and especially the third we’ll have to wait (much) more.

High forms of tech magic could allow very advanced beings to teleport anywhere using only the power of their mind.

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