The universe is striving toward a goal

The universe leverages causal openings in micro physical laws to move toward complexity, life, consciousness... Quality?

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I haven’t been feeling so well for a few days so I decided to rest for a full week.

Perhaps others would feel guilty for not being doing this or that instead of resting, but I’m wiser than that. Rest is important, and sleep is important. You can’t function without resting and sleeping, so don’t even try. Feel free to rest when you need rest, enjoy your resting time, and think that you’ll do much more (and enjoy it much more) after resting.

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A very interesting discussion on Twitter:

Mitchell is the author of “Innate: How the Wiring of Our Brains Shapes Who We Are” and has a very interesting new book in preparation:

I look forward to reading this book, which Mitchell says will come out “sometime in 2022.” I tend to agree with Mitchell’s views:

I elaborate in my book “Tales of the Turing Church” and these essays written after the publication of the book:

I will further elaborate in my next book.

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That the universe leverages causal openings in micro physical laws to move toward a goal is suggested more and more frequently. According to Thomas Nagel, high level teleological laws pull the universe toward complexity, life, and consciousness.

Don’t try to visualize how this “works,” because any mental image that you can visualize would push you back into reductionism. Just think of vast nonlocal networks of choice events all over space and time that somehow orchestrate the evolution of the whole universe toward its goal.

I haven’t mentioned (a) creator God(s), and there’s no need to. But I think that, striving toward its goal, the universe generates hierarchies of God-like beings. Advanced natural Gods are not limited by space and time, and act across space and time. So they participate in orchestrating the evolution of the universe from its very beginnings in time.

Thinking of a more general name for the goal of the universe, I have long suspected that perhaps the undefined and undefinable Good - or “Quality” - of Robert Pirsig is a good name. In many writings Pirsig seems to suggest that the universe is striving toward Quality. I’ll do a few days of total immersion in the world of Pirsig (which is always a pleasure: Pirsig is one of my heroes) to find the best references and quotes, and report back next week.


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