Book project: Astounding universe, amazing grace

My next book, titled “Astounding universe, amazing grace,” to be published in 2022, will be a streamlined, simplified, and much shorter version of “Tales of the Turing Church.” I’ll skip minor and unclear points, tangential thoughts, caveats and qualifications.

I’ll try to sketch one clear, clean, integral picture of the universe and our cosmic, transcendent future. By “integral” I mean both internally consistent, and consistent with intriguing ideas in science, philosophy, and religion.

The title of the book is inspired by science fiction (all science fiction fans will know why). I suggest to read the book as science fiction - a science fiction story without the story.

Here’s is a short summary:

  • We live in a wonderful world. Records of the past are imprinted in the present. The future is not fully predictable from the past. Creative evolution favors life and mind. You are an important free agent.

  • The ordinary world of things that exist in space and time is a small island in the deep ocean of physical reality (deep reality). Space and time, matter and mind, emerge from deep reality. There are other island worlds.

  • Non-local threads connect all places, all times, and all worlds through deep reality. The past and the future co-create and co-adjust each other with self-consistent causal loops in time. Other threads connect separate worlds.

  • The fabric of deep reality is endowed with awareness and choice. All minds are parts of the minded fabric of deep reality. Superior minds all the way up to Mind at Large live and act in deep reality. You can, if you want, identify Mind with the God(s) of your religion.

  • From our in-time perspective, it might be the case that Mind awakens in the very far future. But then Mind trickles down in time and is present and acting at all times, and creates all worlds.

  • Future humans will go to the stars, master space and time, gain access to deep reality, become superior minds, create and remake worlds, resurrect the dead, and contribute to the awakening of Mind. This is our cosmic imperative and destiny.

  • Here and now, we must take better care of our Spaceship Earth and its crew, and at the same time we must strenuously strive toward interplanetary and interstellar spaceflight.

  • This is a religion for our time and for the future. It promotes wonderful cosmic visions and transcendent hope, but also active engagement with the reality of our world and other people. It is also a practical philosophy for everyday living and the optimistic pursuit of everyday happiness.

Now I just have to expand this bullet point summary in a short and easy to read book. This is very challenging, but I’ll do my best. In the meantime, please criticize my summary. Is it clear? Is it clean? Is it consistent? At this moment I think it is (I have thought long and hard about every word), but I guess I’ll have to edit it.

Cover picture background from Wikimedia Commons.