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Why won't you "likely see the real thing"?! Make your cryonics arrangements and help develop real 21st century anti-ageing and anti-death technologies !!!! :) We can do it.

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I used to have cryonics arrangements with the Cryonics Institute. I dropped them when I had to choose between cryonics and putting food on the table for my family. Yes we can do it, but not without disposable money.

I'm a big fan of anti-ageing and anti-death technologies, but I don't see fast progress. I think we'll be able to do solve death one day, but not in time for me. Actually not in time for anyone alive now, except babies perhaps.

So no, I won't see a Mars colony with these two eyes. But I'm persuaded that we'll all live again an infinite number of times in this vast uni/multiverse due to natural magic AND magic technology. So I won't see a Mars colony with these two eyes, but I'll see one with other two eyes. Or four.

My convictions allow me to make peace with death. I'll soon (well, not that soon please) be in a young and strong body again. Without my current memories, but one day magic technology will bring back a full version of me with memories.

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Readers on Facebook comment that they don't understand my "love affair with Elon Musk." My reply:

But it is simple. At this moment Elon is the main force pushing for space expansion. Not space exploration, but space expansion. Not politically correct space science and blah-blah-blah, but human spaceflight to build a multi-planetary civilization. Elon wants to build cities on Mars.

We need to become a multi-planetary civilization asap to 1) protect humanity from catastrophes (asteroids, pandemics, wars, climate, cultural senility...) that can happen anytime to a civilization confined to one planet and 2) start moving on the road to the stars toward a transcendent cosmic future.

To me this is so much more important than the blah-blah-blah of those who hate Elon that I don't even listen to them. They might have one or two valid points, but what Elon is doing is much more important.

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