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Why won't you "likely see the real thing"?! Make your cryonics arrangements and help develop real 21st century anti-ageing and anti-death technologies !!!! :) We can do it.

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Readers on Facebook comment that they don't understand my "love affair with Elon Musk." My reply:

But it is simple. At this moment Elon is the main force pushing for space expansion. Not space exploration, but space expansion. Not politically correct space science and blah-blah-blah, but human spaceflight to build a multi-planetary civilization. Elon wants to build cities on Mars.

We need to become a multi-planetary civilization asap to 1) protect humanity from catastrophes (asteroids, pandemics, wars, climate, cultural senility...) that can happen anytime to a civilization confined to one planet and 2) start moving on the road to the stars toward a transcendent cosmic future.

To me this is so much more important than the blah-blah-blah of those who hate Elon that I don't even listen to them. They might have one or two valid points, but what Elon is doing is much more important.

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