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Concerning Frank Tipler, I too was impressed with his book "The Physics Of Immortality" when it was first published back in 1994, but not so much now because he made a number of predictions and said that if even one of those predictions turned out to be wrong his entire theory could not work. And most of Tipler's predictions did turn out to be wrong, some spectacularly so.

Tipler predicted the expansion of the universe would slow down, stop, then change direction and collapse in on itself. From the heat of that imploding fireball he thought a hyper-advanced civilization could extract an infinite amount of energy and use that energy to perform an infinite number of calculations, not a very large number of them an infinite number of them. We now know that due to Dark Energy discovered in 1998 (which he did NOT predict) that the expansion of the cosmos is accelerating not decelerating, so that fireball will never happen.

And there were other errors. Tipler said the Higgs boson must be at 220GEV +- 20 , but we now know it is 125.3GEV +- .5 . And Tipler said the Hubble constant must be less than or equal to 45 but it's about 70. We don't live in the sort of universe that Tipler thought we did. More than one of his predictions was wrong so if we take Tipler at his word his theory must be wrong.

As for Tipler's 2007 Book "The Physics of Christianity" ... what can I say ....It's hard to believe it's not a parody joke book, but apparently it's not. He said we should look for DNA on the Shroud of Turin (that for some unstated reason he is certain is not a fake ) because we should be able to distinguish between divine DNA and regular DNA because Original Sin is a gene and obviously Jesus had no Original Sin in his DNA. Tipler said that Jesus managed to walk on water by "directing a neutrino beam downward from his feet" and that's also how the Virgin Mary ascended into the clouds when she died, so he recommends we check for radiation around the tomb of the Blessed Virgin Mary that would have been caused by that intense beam of neutrinos that shot out of the bottom of her feet. I'm not joking, Tipler said all that, and sadly I don't think Tipler was joking either.

I don't believe any of these "scientific" arguments convince Tipler that Christianity is true, instead he believes that Christianity is true because his mommy and daddy told him it was true from the moment he learned how to talk, it's the same reason almost everybody belongs to the same religious franchise that their parents did. In that regard, although everybody gets older, most don't mature.

John K Clark

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