(video) Terasem Colloquium, July 20, 2023

Highly imaginative, long-term perspectives on space expansion and interstellar human futures.

The Terasem Space Day Colloquium of 2023 was held on July 20, via Zoom. Speakers: Christopher E. Mason, Stellar Magnet, Clément Vidal, Todd A. Drashner & Trond Nilsen, Max More, Tom W. Bell.

This video is also on YouTube.

On July 20, the anniversary of the first human landing on the Moon, the speakers explored long-term perspectives on human space expansion, and the intersections of human space expansion with highly imaginative, far-out concepts in science, philosophy, and politics (and science fiction of course).

Highlights: remaking humans with bioengineering and synhetic biology for space expansion (Mason); a social, cooperative spacefaring roadmap for the next century (Stellar Magnet); cosmic evolution, complexity, exotic vitology, cosmist values (Vidal); the magnificent collaborative science fiction universe of Orion’s Arm (Drashner & Nilsen); powerful libertarian arguments and legal/political enablers for space expansion (More & Bell).


Speakers bios and abstracts

See this post.


The video on YouTube has direct links to the individual talks.


Christopher E. Mason
Stellar Magnet
Clément Vidal
Todd A. Drashner & Trond Nilsen
Max More
Max More

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