This is the question you want to ask, isn't it?
Turing Church podcast 9/19/2021Listen now (74 min) | Lincoln Cannon, Micah Redding, and Giulio Prisco in conversation on religion and the future.
Turing Church podcast 9/27/2021Listen now (20 min) | On technological resurrection.
What is really real?
Spiritual naturalism and religion.
No Bitcoin won't Save The World, but perhaps it will make the world a bit better.
Fermi paradox, really? Some imagination please!
Also, we in the West need multi-partisan support for spaceflight and space expansion.
Also: Frank Tipler's Omega Point cosmology, superdeterminism.
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I am not a Mormon and I am not a transhumanist, but I am a Mormon transhumanist.
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